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Editor'S Choice - 2020

How to understand how much each adviser traded?

Of course, you can enable the display of comments in Account Stories and calculate the amount of profit and the number of points manually. But this is not always convenient and there is no comment in some advisers. How to be?

There is a solution - an account history analyzer in the form of an adviser Account history. You can download the link at the end of the post, it is installed in the same way as any other adviser. Who does not know, seeInstalling, configuring and trading forex advisors.

  • Attach AccountHistory_tsd to any schedule.
  • In the bottom panel of the terminal, on the tab Account History, click with the right mouse button and select the period for which we want to view the history of transactions and, accordingly, make an analysis of the trading of advisers.
  • On the chart with attached AccountHistory_tsd , press F8 and set all the elements of the chart in the color settings None.

  • We see something like this:

  • Where we see:

Manual trades - the number and results of manually opened positions

Magic: XXXXXX - the number and result of positions opened by an adviser using this magic number (usually you can see it in the expert settings).

  • Column Description:

Trades - number of closed orders

Pips - profit / loss in points

Profit - profit in deposit currency

Average P / L - average profit / loss ratio

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