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I am often asked: “What trading books do you recommend reading?” Actually this post is dedicated to the selection of literature for the trader.

There are a huge number of books on forex trading and the stock exchange. I’ll tell you a secret: most of what is on the shelves of second-hand shops is written by mediocre theorists who themselves never traded.

There are not many explanatory works, below you can download good books on forex:

A. Elder “How to play and win on the stock exchange”

What is this book about

This book reveals a list of mechanisms and tools for effective activities on the exchange. Thanks to which you can not lose money during bad luck and significantly increase funds in periods of winnings. In addition to the development of effective methods of studying the market and market strategies, you will learn what is not in the manuals, the psychology of effective trading.

Why is a book worth reading?

- It has been reprinted many times, translated into 12 languages ​​of the world and is considered the most requested book in the history of the exchange.

- Focuses on the practical experience of a person who has made many mistakes over all the years of his activity before coming to success. And now he shares that with you. How can all this be prevented.

- This is a basic guideline in the field of speculation on the stock exchange, which is an authority among professionals. Despite the fact that the book is not like what is sold in bookstores.

Who is this book for?

For private investors seeking a stable income through faithful tactical activity, as well as for professional traders.

E. Lefebvre “Memoirs of a stock speculator”

The first book of Memoirs of a stock market speculator was published in 1923 and to this day is one of the most popular books on financial topics. This book is a biography of Jesse Livermore, who are considered one of the best speculators in history. This book has effectively influenced the consciousness of a huge number of investors. And to this day, it does not lose its relevance and popularity in exchange literature. It tells us about fluctuations in demand in the market, as well as the psychology of the buyer, as if talking about some event that happened recently in the financial market. Therefore, there is no doubt that she will be interested in and study it even in the 21st century.

D. Schwager “Market Mages”

Jack schwager - a popular financier, whose number includes such works as “Mages of the stock market”, “Technical analysis. Full course ”and others.

In his book New Market Mages, he interviews the world's most famous traders who have achieved success in financial markets. Thanks to this book, you will be able to find new ideas and trading methods that have used the famous "market magicians". You will be especially surprised by all the varieties of the method and methods used by them. Some of them in their activities are based on a fundamental analysis, not interested in stock price fluctuations, and some use exclusively technical trading systems, others focus on the problems of pricing, and others look for an option of arbitrage profit in a real effective market.

This book differs from other books in that all information is presented in an accessible language and is very easy to read, which is why it is useful for experienced traders as well as for a newcomer to the financial market, or just ordinary people.

M. Kovel "Turtles-traders"

In this book, Michael Kovel introduces readers to previously unpublished details of the famous experiment, organized by the legendary Chicago trader Richard Denis, who, starting his career in 1966, at seventeen, quickly learned the wisdom of exchange trading and earned $ 200 million by 1983.
Having argued once with his colleague William Eckhard, whether it is possible to teach trading "a man from the street" or if this requires innate abilities, he placed an ad in the newspaper, inviting everyone to a two-week course. Several thousand people submitted applications, but only twenty-three people accepted. They became the legendary “turtles” that earned $ 100 million for Dennis. Some of the participants in the experiment continued trading after it ended, becoming incredibly successful traders, and some sunk into obscurity. Michael Kovel tracked the fate of the majority. He learned what and how they were taught, including the rules for entering and exiting the market and the personal advice of Denis and Eckhardt, and told about this in the book - the most complete and detailed about the history of the “turtles”.
The author not only gives details of an unprecedented experiment, but also analyzes them, draws conclusions why some “turtle traders” turned out to be more successful than others. This makes the book interesting for those who are ready to experiment and try their hand at exchange trading.

M. Kovel “Exchange trading by trends”

In order to go with the trend, it is not enough just to relax.
Michael Kovel’s book provides a set of tools that are absolutely necessary for identifying a trend, confidently following its rapid flow and timely exit until the current takes you directly to the waterfall that is deadly for your profit.
Each of the tools presented in this book contains a complete and detailed description of its practical application on the market, which will be understandable to beginners and useful to professional traders.

Ketty Lin, Boris Schlossberg "Millionaire Traders"

What is this book about

The book tells us how people from ordinary traders become prosperous players who earn huge money. The authors reduced their thoughts to a minimum, focusing on the stories of America's most famous and wealthy traders. The mastery of Lin and Schlossberg was expressed in the conclusions presented to each chapter of the book.

Why is a book worth reading?

- Interviews are better and easier for readers.

- The book presents examples of real people from life who began their work in trading from scratch.

- No recommendations and directions for action are given, there is only real experience and practice.

- The heroes of the book talk about the currency, stock, futures and options markets.

- The heroes of the book, representatives of various nationalities, which clearly reflects the individual characteristics of each of them.

Who is this book for?

The book is aimed at professional traders and for all those who follow the news of the financial market.

G. Morris “Japanese Candles. The method of analysis of stocks and futures, time-tested "

What is this book about

The book tells us about one of the most common and popular methods of analysis and forecasting of the market, which is called "Japanese candles." Morris, a professional in technical analysis, explains in detail how candlestick patterns can be used to search and evaluate a graphical model. As a result of the integration of candlestick pattern recognition and technical indicators, the author introduced a new rational approach to trading.

Why is a book worth reading?

- It focuses on practical and rare mechanisms for increasing trade detail indicators.

- It describes in detail how to combine Japanese candles with other mechanisms to search for new profitable projects.

- You can apply it as a practical recommendation for the implementation of the Japanese candlestick method and a benchmark for candlestick patterns.

Who is this book for?

It is perfect for beginners in the field of trading and for investors working in the stock market, bonds, futures.

M. Douglas "Zone Trading"

The book reveals a broad view of all the difficulties that arise in a person who is faced with financial markets. When it comes to the realization that the transaction does not get along with the advice and advice of brokers, and the acquisition or sale is a very complex operation, giving unexpected results. The book leads us to a sound psychological approach that helps to obtain sustainable favorable outcomes of trade transactions. The author does not give a ready-made trading model, his goal is completely different. He seeks to explain how to reason and think in order to become an effective trader.

C. Lynn “Day Trading on Forex Market”

The book reveals everything that every trader should know about the principles of working on Forex and the features of currencies in order to successfully carry out their activities and receive income in the foreign exchange market. The book contains all the necessary material about trading strategies, focusing on which you can create individual ones. It also reveals everything about the structure of the foreign exchange market, characteristics, fluctuations, the reasons for their generation and the latest trends.

Why is a book worth reading?

- She will give you all the necessary information about the Forex market to conduct your own activities. And even if you have been trading for many years. You will find in it a lot of new things, for example, various strategic tricks.

- The book reveals current trends, taking into account the changes that have occurred in the foreign exchange market recently.

- It raises a large number of topics not previously discussed in other books on the Forex market.

Who is this book for?

The book will become an assistant for both beginners and experienced traders operating in the Forex market. In general, for everyone who wants to increase their income.

Steve Neeson "Beyond the Candlesticks"

In 1990, Steve Neeson introduced a powerful mechanism to Western traders, whereby Japanese traders have had competitive advantages for many years. Currently, after the publication of this book, which reveals the entire list of the most powerful Japanese mechanisms, Neeson has opened a new level in improving technical analysis.

In his book, he introduced us to all the tricks of using the 4 most significant mechanisms that the Japanese kept a secret from everyone. These include: “Kagi” charts, “Renko” charts, three-line breakout charts and a difference index, which are an amazing variety of different tools for accounting and forecasting price fluctuations and favorable trading conditions.

J. Murphy “Visual Investor. How to identify trends "

The book is about visual investing and various methods of graphical analysis. Murphy explains how to understand the charts on the basis of which decisions of investors are made, how to determine the course of market development through visual comparison of charts without the use of heavy formulas and mechanisms. The book clearly reveals that visual analysis of the financial market is best done individually and this will not be particularly difficult. In practice, it is only necessary to identify which markets are flourishing and which are not. Visual analysis for this is the best method.

Why is a book worth reading?

- The author is one of the most successful and popular professionals in the world engaged in market analysis.

- The second edition is improved, starting from the current market situation.

- The book is presented in an accessible language, thanks to which the text is clear not only to specialists, but also to ordinary people.

Who is this book for?

It focuses on specialists in the field of investment and trading and for all those who study financial markets.

B. Steenbarger “The self-instruction of the trader. Psychology, technology, tactics and strategy "

The book is fully devoted to trading. In it you will find answers to which trading option suits you specifically, how you can improve your mechanisms and tools, make your strategy more effective, and also what a beginner needs to be able to do and much more. Professor Steenbarger considers trading as a science and pushes us to search for patterns.

Why the book is worth reading

- Based on the teachings and theories of the author, several generations of professional traders have grown.

- Particular emphasis is placed on the psychology of trading.

- This book will be an excellent tool for development in any field.

Who is this book for?

For those who seek to achieve high performance in their activities.

Courtney Smith "How to make stable money in the FOREX market"

The book reflects almost 25 years of the author’s experience in trading. It includes everything related to trading, but the main question is centered around how to make sure that work on the Forex exchange generates constant income.

Why is a book worth reading?

- The book tells us how to get big money, having only Internet access. This - - The book is your guideline in the Forex market, it reflects all the terms and systems that are useful to you, as well as the latest trading techniques.

“You can find out how great George Lane achieved success.”

- Given specific techniques that guarantee profit in the meek and long-term periods.

- The importance of the psychology of traders is given.

Who is this book for?

It will be useful for both new and professional traders.

P.S. These books will give you the most important thing - understanding the big picture. Because the information in these volumes is very valuable, the best option is to read 1 chapter a day, so that the information is well absorbed, absorbed into your mind. Do not rush, the market will not run away from you.

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