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Metatrader 4 build 604+, why not upgrade and how to return build 509

Hello. Metaqoutes had few 574 builds, which caused confusion in the installation of indicators and advisers, they released 604 builds, on which a huge amount of old software simply does not work. Why this was done is not an easy question. Basically, of course, to ruin the life of traders.

But something else should worry us - what should we, ordinary users, do in this situation? Naturally, stay on the old build 509, where everything works as long as possible. In this article, we will look at a way to prevent automatic updating of the terminal, as well as rollback to the old version, if you have already updated.

Why was 604+ build released?

MetaQuotes, the company that developed MetaTrader 4, has worked hard over the past 2-3 years to develop the next generation of its trading platform (MetaTrader 5), trying to keep up with the more modern and sophisticated trading terminals available from some brokers. However, MT5 is significantly different from MT4, and only a few traders have opted for this new platform.

Currently, MetaQuotes is trying to direct all efforts spent on developing the MT5 platform to release a new build of MT4, which includes many of the features of MT5. The problem is that most traders did not ask and were not ready for such a major update. As a result, we are dealing with a host of discussions and complaints that you have probably encountered in many forums over the past couple of weeks.

There are still hidden financial motives. Namely, to destroy the support of a part of the software in order to attract traders to purchase scam through the integrated market in MT4. And with each purchase, the commission goes clearly to whom.

Why is it worth staying on 509 build?

Firstly, the new 604 + build is still very crude: there are many problems not only with software, but also with the banal execution of orders. Bugs, bugs, and again bugs. Secondly, you can wait a very long time until the necessary indicators and trading experts appear that are compatible with 604+ builds ....

And thirdly: I think you already have enough problems in life and in trading, why do you need extra hemorrhoids with a semi-working forex terminal?

How to disable auto update Metatrader 4?

1st method

Enable "User Account Management"
If your operating system is Windows Vista or higher (Windows 7, Windows 8), you should enable the "Account Management" option (if you do not know how to enable this option, you can find it in the Google search engine). The operating system will automatically block updating to the 604th build until you yourself allow it. As an example, in Windows 7, when MT4 tries to upgrade the system to build 604 or higher, you should see the following pop-up window:

Unfortunately, some traders reported that, despite the fact that they used the "Account Control" option, their platform was still automatically updated to the 604th build. That is why we also propose using another workaround, which I will discuss below.

2nd method

Uninstall Webinstall

MetaTrader 4 contains functionality for upcoming updates, in the folder:

C: ProgramData MetaQuotes WebInstall

You may not immediately find this folder because it is hidden. In this case, you can try to use the search function on the entire C drive to find it. Once you find the "Webinstall" folder, you should delete all its contents. This will prevent MT4 upgrades. However, this will work only once, since during its work the MT4 platform will download the update file again and create the "Webinstall" folder. This means that you should periodically delete this folder, especially immediately after closing all your MT4 platforms before the weekend.

How to roll back the platform to the 509th build

If you still use at least one platform on the 509th build to work, then you need to back it up to an archive file. You can use this backup to create any number of MT4 Build 509 for all brokers you are interested in.

Unzip the backup in the directory you need (preferably outside the "C: Program Files "), and then copy all the advisers you need, custom indicators, as well as files with the .srv extension to the "config" folder that contains IP addresses of servers of brokers you are interested in.

When finished, double-click the "terminal.exe" file. The first time you do this, the system will ask you for "Login", "Password", and "Server" (do not forget to check the "Save account information" box). After that, you will again be working on the MT4 Build 509.

If you have already suffered an update, you can download the archive from MT4 build 509 using the links below.

If the links to download 509 builds for your DC are not listed, do not worry. From any MT 509, you can make MT 509 for your DC!

For this:
1) Install MT 604+ (or any build) of our DC.
2) Copy from it the folder C: Program Files (x86) ____ Alpari Limited MT4 (for example) ___ config
3) Delete the contents of the config folder of another DC and insert your config. And the terminal shortcut is an icon.

Download metatrader 4 build 509

Watch the video: Metatrader 4 Build 604 Instalar Indicadores y Expertos (April 2020).

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