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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Migrating old advisors to new MT4 builds

Greetings, dear gentlemen, traders, we continue our lessons in MQL. Many of you have encountered errors when trying to compile the old advisor on a new build. This is due to the fact that new versions of metatrader are more "advanced" and old mechanisms no longer work. So how do you convert a forex advisor to the new MT4 builds? Actually, the theme of this lesson will be the transfer of advisers from the old build to new versions of Metatrader 4.


So, after watching this lesson, you can now probably compile your old favorite adviser:

  • Take on the forum any old adviser that you liked from those that were posted by our forum users on the site and transfer it to a new build.
  • In the homework solution there should be “screenshots” of errors from the first compilation and a ready-made solution without errors!

Watch the video: Migrating from MQL4 to MQL5: Guidance for Algorithmic Traders (February 2020).

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