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How to make a million by trading other people's money

One fine day, a moment comes when the trader realizes that he needs to grow. A personal account has been generating stable profits for more than a month, however, if you do not overestimate the risks and you are not a relative of the Arab sheikh, as a rule, there is not enough money.

How to be To risk 50% of the account in one transaction? Get a loan from Tinkoff? Sell ​​an apartment? A reasonable solution is to work with investor funds. You help others earn money and take your percentage for it. Everybody wins.

How it works, how to avoid many mistakes of novice managers of pamm accounts, you will learn the secrets and subtleties of working with investors from the video course "Pamm Manager«.

Who is this course for?

The Pamm Manager course will be of interest to those traders who already receive a stable income on Forex and look for a way to increase profits, without increasing risks.

If you still can not trade in the foreign exchange market, this rate is unlikely to be useful to you.

Why take capital into management?

Say you have $ 1000 in your account. You earn 10-20% per month. A very good result as a percentage, but hard to live on $ 200 a month.

What to do? To overestimate the risks? This is unreasonable. Take a loan? Also. The solution is to open a pamm account and attract investors into it, and take% of profit for it.

Let's say you have $ 1000 of your personal money and you have raised another $ 10,000 from investors. They earned 10% per month, i.e. 1100 $. And for asset management you charge 50% of the profit. Those. you have earned $ 100 on your own funds + 50% of $ 1000 in return on investor capital. Those. you personally received $ 100 + $ 1000/2 = $ 600 in your hands.

Already much better, agree. And the risks in transactions did not have to be overestimated.

Someone will say: “But I already have rather big personal capital!” Ok, let's say you have $ 100,000 of personal capital in your account. You earned 10%, put 10 thousand dollars in your pocket. BUT!!! You risked (theoretically) $ 100,000.

Now suppose you trade as a Pamm manager, your personal capital is $ 3,000, and investor funds can be $ 10,000, $ 100,000, or even $ 1,000,000. But, YOUR PERSONAL RISK at the same time does not change - these are all the same $ 3000 (any amount that you set as the capital of the manager).

This is the strength of working with investor capital.

What do you learn from the course

  • Why does a trader need a Pamm account
  • How to open a pamm account, what documents are needed, all the nuances
  • How do investors deposit / withdraw funds?
  • What is the best strategy for Pamm?
  • What should be the profitability and drawdown of a successful manager
  • How to attract and communicate with investors
  • How to automatically adjust the size of positions when depositing / withdrawing funds by investors

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