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ExcelTrader Pro - working with statistics in the second part of the course on Excel

As many of you know, a few months ago the first part of the course on using Excel as a tool for Forex traders came out. In it, you met this wonderful program and learned how to use formulas, build tables, write various calculators, trader diaries, and even develop and optimize strategies. But all this is only a small part of the program’s capabilities.

And today, the second part of the course called ExcelTrader Prowhose main theme is working with statistics.

Why will this course be interesting to you?

No matter how trite and beaten this may sound, trade is statistics. And the second part of the course is devoted to the basics of statistics. I found that many visitors do not even know the basics of statistics, but in vain. We encounter statistics on a daily basis, it not only allows us to better understand your trading systems, but also to avoid many mistakes that traders often make. Surely, some of you tried to study statistics yourself, opened textbooks and saw in them a bunch of complex formulas, integrals, various obscure icons. And then you gave up studying. This is normal, anyone would be scared in your place. A distinctive feature of this course is the absence of furious mathematical formulas, and those that you meet along the way will be clear even to a fifth grader.

How are statistics related to Excel?

Here, everything is very simple. In the first part of the course, we already met you with statistical formulas. Also, you saw how easy it is to keep transaction diaries, build various charts in this program. Excel is just perfect for various statistical experiments and studies, which you will see in the second part of the course.

What will this course give you?

You will learn:

  • basic definitions and theorems in statistics, which I will explain to you literally on the fingers;
  • what are distribution histograms and why are they needed;
  • about the main parameters of the population (for example, the results of your transactions).

You will learn:

  • evaluate important parameters for transactions in your trading systems;
  • Compare several trading systems with each other and choose the best;
  • build various hypotheses and verify their truth.

You can:

  • independently check whether your adviser is trading according to tests;
  • check whether the trade will change and how much if one of the rules of your system changes;
  • make a test of your adviser and be 100 percent sure that he will trade in accordance with this test.

About course author

The author of the course is Dmitry, known in our forum under the nickname Silentspec. For a long time he worked as an engineer, using Excel daily to solve work problems. He transferred this experience to his main hobby - trading in financial markets. Dmitry almost every day uses Excel for his Forex market research.

For fifteen years now, one way or another, almost every day uses Excel for various calculations, analysis and other tasks. He believes that without knowledge of this program when trading on the Forex market, it would be as if without hands, and that it is a very powerful, flexible and convenient tool for researching markets, strategies, advisers and trading results.

Download ExcelTrader Pro Video Course

P.S. If you are new to Excel, it is recommended that you first study the first part of the course - ExcelTrader.

Watch the video: Excel Trader Bot (February 2020).

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