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Free VPS server - myth or reality?

Ten years ago, most forex traders knew almost nothing about remote servers, and automated trading systems were only gaining popularity. Now you can find thousands of different Forex robots on the network, moreover, now anyone can create their own adviser - you do not need to have programming skills for this, just use special tools.

However, in order for the adviser to work correctly, it always sends signals and opens transactions on time (with full automation of trading) - an uninterrupted Internet connection and a 24-hour connection are required. Not everyone has the opportunity to keep the computer turned on 24 hours a day, and Internet service providers can fail by crashing the network. In such situations, an excellent solution would be to use a VPS server.

Renting a VPS server costs an average of $ 10 per month, which is more than $ 100 per year. For professional traders, such expenses are not a problem, but beginners have a completely understandable desire to get by with minimal investments at the start. That is why in this article we will try to figure out if it is possible to get a VPS server for free, and if so, how?

Is it possible to get a VPS server for free?

VPS server has become a popular service for forex traders, and many companies providing such a service are already working on the market. To surpass competitors and attract new customers, such companies hold various promotions and offer the most favorable conditions, so that traders have the opportunity to rent a VPS server at a great discount, or even completely free.

In particular, there are two proven ways to get a VPS server for free:

  1. As a bonus from a forex broker;
  2. From Amazon (for a year).

We will analyze each of them in more detail.

Free VPS server from forex brokers

A VPS server from a broker is now not uncommon, almost every second Forex company is ready to provide its customers with such a service, and at no additional cost. However, it would be wrong to call such a VPS server truly free - brokers provide access only if specific conditions are met (as a rule, a trader must have a certain amount of funds on deposit).

Consider the conditions for providing a VPS server from several popular brokerage companies.


To get free access to a dedicated server from this broker, you must have at least $ 5,000 in your account. And in this case, the client receives the minimum VPS 256 package, with a 3 Gb hard drive, 256 Mb of RAM and a processor frequency of 400 MHz. To get to a more powerful hardware, you already have to pay.

Customers with a deposit of less than $ 5,000 may receive a discount on the service, but they will have to pay for using the server.


This broker offers access to the VPS server at no extra charge, provided that the trader has opened an account with the company for at least $ 500. There is only one server type and its detailed characteristics are not presented on the site, it is only specified that the data transfer speed is high, and the ping value of the trading terminal is minimal and is 0.4-1.25 ms.


Roboforex provides a VPS server with an Intel (r) Xeon (r) E5 processor, 1 Gb of RAM and 30 Gb of hard disk space. At the same time, it is enough for the client to have at least $ 300 in the balance of the trading account. However, in addition to this, the trader must comply with additional conditions:

  • Be sure to pass verification;
  • Trade turnover of at least 3 lots per month.

Thus, in addition to having a certain amount in the account, in order to gain access to VPS, the client must actively trade every month.


VPS from Fort Financial Services is one of tradelikeapro.ru's favorite readers. FortFS provides its customers a server with 1 Gb of RAM, 50 Gb of hard disk space and a processor frequency of 1 GHz. The service is active for users with a deposit of more than $ 1,000.

Amazon Free VPS One Year Subscription

This VPS server is not directly related to Forex, but is a share of Amazon itself. Nevertheless, it is quite suitable for use in Forex trading and this is a great opportunity for traders to get a remote service for use for a year for free.

In order to receive a free VPS from Amazon for a year, you must first register on aws.amazon.com. To do this, go through several stages.

Creating an account begins with an email address, you also need to come up with a password.

The next step is to fill out a contact form. It’s better to provide real information, although if you plan to only take advantage of the free VPS rental for a year, any plausible data will do.

Next, you need to confirm the payment details (link the card to the account). There are several features here:
• You need a MasterCard card, for example, a Sberbank card in rubles, or virtual from Yandex;
• The account must have an amount equivalent to at least $ 1. The amount will be debited from the account for verification, then returned;
• The card must support online payments without using a CCV code.
When using a Yandex card, you must first configure it to pay online. In the column “Name of the cardholder” it is better to indicate in Latin letters your real data, even if it is not registered.

After confirming the payment data, verification via the phone number follows. After specifying the number, you need to wait for the call from Amazon and enter the pin code in the corresponding field. After that, verification and registration as a whole will be completed, and you can begin to configure VPS.

Before you start an account, select a free basic plan. You will be asked to indicate the purpose of using the service - there you can specify any information.

Having logged into your account, you need to select the option “Launch a virtual machine” directly on the main page.

Sometimes the service will ask you to wait a while - access to the VPS settings opens within 24 hours from the date of registration.

When access is granted, you can begin to configure VPS. The first item is the choice of the operating system. The best option would be light enough, Windows Server 2008. Its capacity is quite enough to work with the terminal, while the load on the server will be minimal.

Next, you need to select the type of VPS. Since there is only one free one, we leave it by default.

All other steps can also be taken on the machine, without changing anything in the settings, and proceed immediately to launch.

Before starting, you need to create a key pair. To do this, select the appropriate command in the window that appears. The service will generate a key pair in a separate file, which will be downloaded to your computer. With it, you can access the virtual machine from your computer.

Now the important point! Creating key pairs. Select the item “Create a new Key Pair”. In the line “Key pair name”, enter any name in English letters, press the button “Download key pair” and save the file. The downloaded file will then allow us to access the virtual PC through the remote desktop. The downloaded file will have the extension .PEM, keep the file in a safe place!

After downloading the file, you will receive a message that the server has been successfully created and you can see its data in the account.

So, VPS is created, it remains to learn how to connect to it.
First, right-click on the line with the server, and select the Connect command.

The connection settings window opens. To work, we need a username and password. The login has already been created (by default it is always “Administrator”, then you can change it), and the password will be generated.

By clicking “Get Pasword”, in the next window to generate a password you need to fix the previously generated file. After that, a pair of keys will be inserted into the field and you can create a password.

The login and password have been received, now click “Download Remote Desktop File” to download the shortcut for starting the virtual machine from your computer.

A file will be downloaded to the computer, running it, you get to your virtual server. It remains only to enter the username and password!

After the server is configured, you can safely use it in trade for a year without worrying about payment.

But the expiration of the free period is not the end! The fact is that Amazon only checks users by email. This means that you can open new accounts from year to year, connecting old payment data to them, and continue to use the service for free (at least until the promotion ends). It’s up to everyone to use this little trick or not, but registering a new email and account on Amazon once a year is much easier and cheaper than paying from $ 100 per server.


As practice shows, there are ways to get free VPS. Even beginners who are not ready to open an account with a broker for $ 500 have the opportunity to take advantage of the promotion from Amazon.

However, for professional traders, the best solution would be to rent a paid server on a specialized hosting. By paying $ 10-20 a month, a trader can be sure that he is getting a powerful and reliable tool for remote trading. When working with high-quality robots, such investments are a mere trifle compared with the importance of ensuring a quick and uninterrupted connection to the terminal.

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